Surf report with John Veage

I don’t know what everyone else got for Christmas but at Cronulla we got the Alley Rip back.

Cyclone Evan might have caused a ruckus in Fiji but it didn’t hurt us-5 days of good Alley rights, and today the rips gone through the left so we still should have waves for days to come.

The wind is a hideous onshore, but you can’t have everything can you, 20 -25 knots I reckon-it isnt pretty. Imagine beating into that Southerly for 3-4 days trying to get to Hobart-No thanks!

The last few days has been like a flashback to the 80’s seeing old surfers come out of the woodwork,guys like Matt Brown,Chartis,Gally,Simo, Hendo etc

I would tell you what the surf forcast is, but Fairfax’s IT service is letting me down and I cant access anything-this might be more costcutting.

I know one thing,and that its howling onshore and looks like staying that way,with a bit of luck we will get some blue bottles as well just to spice things up a bit.

But while the wind blows the swell should hang around and if you wait for a bit of tide on the banks you will have something to get wet on-thats the best I can do under these challenging conditions,all the best till next year!

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