Slice of pizzeria in AC/DC's story

IN writing his third book The Youngs: the brothers who built AC/DC, author Jesse Fink has found some revealing connections between the rock band and St George and Sutherland shire.

Although Fink wasn't able to garner interviews with the brothers — George, Malcolm and Angus Young — the book happily traipses around the musical world of the Scottish Australians and many of the central characters in the band's success.

One of the odd paths it takes is to Tonio's Penshurst Pizzeria which Tony Currenti set up in 1979.

Fink's book remarks on the appropriateness of the pizza maker's surname — Currenti — for a band called AC/DC with a lightning bolt in its logo.

Mr Currenti told Fink that he was a one-time drummer with the band, having arrived in Australia from Italy in 1967 at 16.

He used to bang spoons on whatever he could find — a piano accordion or his mother's chairs — because he initially didn't have a drum kit.

By 1974 he was playing in a band made up mainly of Greek and Italian immigrants.

Fink's book said Currenti first met former lead singer, the late Bon Scott, in 1968, and around this time he was asked to fill in for AC/DC's usual drummer, Peter Clack.

Complications because of his Italian passport prevented him from joining the band when they went overseas in 1975.

Early that same year Currenti performed at a Sydney night club, Chequers, with the band using the drum kit of AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd for a couple of songs.

Currenti hasn't sat at a drum kit since 1977.

His efforts to meet up with the band during their Black Ice tour in early 2010 were unsuccessful.

Fink said that he found as fame and fortune grew it wasn't always mirrored in AC/DC's spending habits, with the brothers reputedly wearing cheap joggers rather than lashing out on more expensive brands.

In the case of Angus Young, who lived at Kangaroo Point, he drove around in a Mercedes with a high odometer reading rather than buy a new more expensive model which he could afford by then.

The Youngs: The brothers who built AC/DC by Jesse Fink, at most major booksellers, $34.95; on iTunes for $12.99.

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