Trail of graffiti from Brighton to Sans Souci dampens Oz Day weekend celebrations 


POLICE are expected to review CCTV footage while investigating an anti-Australia Day graffiti attack on beachfront walls and other structures between Brighton-Le-Sands and Sans Souci.

Messages denouncing ‘‘colonialism’’ and ‘‘genocide’’ and describing Australia Day as ‘‘Invasion Day’’ were discovered on Friday morning along the foreshore of Botany Bay

 into which James Cook sailed in 1770.

A similar attack took place the same night on  Cook’s Cottage, in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne.

The cottage, which was built in 1755 in Yorkshire by Captain Cook’s parents, was dismantled and shipped to Melbourne in 1933.

Officers from St George local area command are investigating the Botany Bay foreshore attack.

Rockdale mayor Shane O’Brien said the attack ‘‘does nothing for the cause of Aboriginal people”.

‘‘When something like this happens anyone who’s unsure or not really there yet is more inclined to swing the other way,’’ he said.

‘‘We’re a very proud multicultural community and we make a point of acknowledging our indigenous history whenever we can and also promoting indigenous culture.

‘‘So I don’t think our community deserved this sort of attack and the cost associated with cleaning it up.’’

Roxy Wilson of Brighton-Le-Sands said she had ‘‘tears in my eyes’’ when she discovered the damage.

Oleksandra Kaleichyk of Monterey, who migrated from  Ukraine four years ago and has become an Australian citizen, said it was ‘‘disrespectful to the people of Australia’’.

FRIDAY STORY: A Rockdale Counciil contractor is working to remove a trail of anti-Australia Day graffiti scrawled overnight on walls and walkways along the beachfront from Brighton-Le-Sands to Sans Souci.

The graffiti condemned Australia Day and ‘‘colonialism’’.

Residents were sickened by the attack.

‘‘It is a disgusting thing to happen  just before Australia Day,’’ said Roxy Wilson, of Brighton-Le-Sands.

Oleksandra Kaleichyk, of Monterey, who migrated from the Ukraine four years ago and has become an Australian citizen, said it was ‘‘disrespectful to the people of Australia’’.

‘‘It is very sad,’’ she said.

"I had tears in my eyes when I saw what had been done"

Contractor Sam Bennett removed graffiti quickly by painting with a chemical solution, then water blasting.

A similar Anti-Australia day graffiti attack took place overnight on the Melbourne historical landmark, Cooks’ Cottage, in Fitzroy Gardens.

Messages were sprayed on the building, which was once the home of Captain James Cook’s parents, located in Fitzroy Gardens.

Police were called to the cottage, which is 259 years old, just after 7.30am today.

Reports said vandals had filled light bulbs with paint to create makeshift paint bombs before hurling them at the walls and roof.

Fluro and black lights were used to emblazen anti-Australia Day slogans, which include a large scrawl calling January 26 ‘‘Australia’s shame’’

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Did you see the graffiti or know more about it? 

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