Gymnast Greenbaum is really flying high

DEBORAH Greenbaum is proving to be one of the most versatile gymnasts in the country.

The 17 year old from Blakehurst is competing in both artistic and aerobic gymnastics at high levels, having won dozens of state and national trophies and medals since taking up the sport at the age of four.

She was recently named junior international aerobic athlete of the year by Gymnastics NSW.

Her passion for aerobic competition came recently, after a major leg injury disrupted her artistic competition last year.

She won bronze in artistic gymnastics at the 2013 national titles, despite a year off after breaking five bones and severing three ligaments in her leg after a gym accident fall.

As her school, MLC Burwood, always had an aerobic team, she began watching the other girls and then started learning routines.

The youngest of four talented sisters, her persistence paid off when she won the nationals, and thus went into trials to represent Australia at the World Cup next month in Japan.

"Only a maximum of four girls can go, but as it turned out I was the only trialist to reach the qualifying score of 18.25 points," said Deborah, who scored 18.60.

"Now I'm trialling to also represent Australia at the world championships, as well as trialling for level nine in artistic."

Deborah's liking for aerobic gymnastics is understandable.

"Aerobic gymnastics does offer more chances to travel," she said.

"It would be nice to see aerobics make the Olympics as a sport; if not, I'd like to make the finals at world championships."

Surprisingly for someone who spends 27 hours a week training in both forms of gymnastics, Deborah can still find time to play basoon (undertaking Australian Musicianship at university), compete in diving at MLC, and she made it through to All Schools Championships.

So it is little wonder that busy Deborah is also in the year 11 leadership group.

■Cartwheels Gymnastics at Sutherland PCYC had two of its acrobats nominated for an award by NSW Gymnastics, and Tameika Fitzgerald and Annabelle Young won Junior Acrobats of the Year, 2013, after winning both state trials and the state championships.

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