Georges River Council to consolidate its computer system

Establishing a compatible IT platform has been described as one of the biggest challenges facing a newly-merged council.

Last week, Georges River Council has decided to take the challenge, announcing the computer software and hardware platform used by the former Hurstville Council will be expanded to be used across the new Georges River Council local government area.

The merger of Hurstville and Kogarah Councils means it is necessary to have a single IT platform.

But the costs to develop and implement an IT platform for the new Georges River Council, including going through a tender process, would be time consuming and expensive.

So council staff recommended expanding the Technology One system already in place at Hurstville to be used across the Georges River Council local government area.

The only option is to consolidate one of the existing corporate systems, a report to last week’s council meeting aid.

The total cost of extending the system will be about $1million with a $200,000 per annum increase in annual maintenance.

This is to be funded from the State Government’s New Council Implementation Fund.

“This is one of the biggest challenges a merged council has, of establishing an IT platform across both organisations,” Georges River Council administrator John Rayner said.

“The recommendation is basically an expansion of the IT system used in Hurstville City Council across the system.

“I move the recommendation because I believe there are extenuating circumstances.

“We can’t afford the time to go a lengthy tender process, particularly as we already have a leading edge IT system.”