SES slam drivers crossing Audley Weir

Update: Wednesday

A boom gate has been destroyed as drivers ignore warnings not to drive through flood waters at Audley Weir.

Sutherland Shire SES confirmed the lower road closed boom gate was snapped off.

It is the second time in eight months the boom gate has been damaged.

The damage has been reported to RMS.


The Sutherland Shire State Emergency Service (SES) has slammed drivers who risked their lives driving through flood waters at Audley Weir.

The weir was closed on Friday as rising water covered the road. The roads leading to the weir were also closed and warning signs put in place.

But that didn’t deter some drivers who ignored the warnings and risked the waterway.

On Friday alone, Sutherland Shire SES crews spoke to 18 people who crossed the weir including drivers and cyclists.

Those who risked the water were met by Sutherland police who handed out fines.

Some spoken to included a learner driver and a cyclist who crossed the road carrying their bike.

Sutherland Shire SES Local Controller John Gonzalez said it was disappointing that people continued to ignore warnings by the SES.

‘’Even when we are there and speaking to people, people are still disobeying us. It’s only when police come that people seem to listen,’’ he said.

‘’It’s frustrating because we are the ones that have to rescue them.’’

Mr Gonzalez said while there have been no fatalities at the weir, one car was swept away during severe storms in June.

‘’People don’t realise the risk they’re putting themselves and their families in,’’ he said.

‘’People need to stop and thing, is it worth it?’’