St George pair help bring to life Australian play from 1980s

Play: Down an Alley Filled With Cats opens on April 25. Picture: Supplied

Play: Down an Alley Filled With Cats opens on April 25. Picture: Supplied

An award-winning Australian play from the 1980s will be brought back to life at Newtown’s King St Theatre later this month, featuring a St George director and actor.

Down an Alley Filled With Cats was written by Warwick Moss in the 1980s and won the NSW Premier's Literary Award for Playwriting in 1984.

Sans Souci director Tom Richards said, to his knowledge, when the show opens in Newtown on April 25 (showing until May 13) it will be the first time it has been produced in Australia for two decades.

Down an Alley Filled with Cats is an Australian classic,” Richards said. 

“It’s a comedy thriller laced with snappy humour, and a slew of plot twists to keep audiences guessing – we quickly learn to expect the unexpected.

“It’s time to bring this show to a fresh new audience.”

The show stars Bronte actor Gabriel Egan and Blakehurst actor William Jordan.

The play is based on Timothy Timmony who is the elderly, cultured proprietor of a book shop in a Sydney area that is being redeveloped, the last building still standing. Simon Matthews, an uncultured but not insensitive adventurer, comes to the shop in pursuit of a particular volume at closing time. 

Just as Simon discovers that the book has been sold to his arch enemy, the landlord locks them both in the building for the night. It soon becomes obvious that the book contains a code which identifies the whereabouts of an invaluable artefact.

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