Don't let it happen here

Words fail me after the massacre of those children in the USA on the weekend.

My sympathies go to the families, no parent or family member should have to deal with such an awful tragedy. 

I cannot fathom why the Americans have such a love of guns and can allow such easy access under the guise of "freedom" But about Australia? 

Here in NSW, we have just seen the O'Farrell Government cave in to the demands of the Shooters & Fishers Party and relax the law and allow cuck hunting on private property. 

After previously opening up National Park to hunting [of feral animals] with guns, this not only encourages ownership, it also promotes the idea that it is "normal" to own and use them. What next? 

Each time the gun lobby gets an inch, it then wants another mile. The overwhelming majority of people who voted for the LNP want nothing to do with guns or those that push for easier access to them. Please let us not go the way of America!