Q&A with … Casey Donovan

Frenetic ... Casey Donovan has had a whirlwind 2012.
Frenetic ... Casey Donovan has had a whirlwind 2012.

Tell us about your new music show, Fusion, which is airing on NITV.

It goes searching for indigenous artists who we find on YouTube, or who are up-and-coming or they are in the spotlight. It's great that there is a channel for purely indigenous talent.

How did you get started with it?

I've done a few little things for NITV, singing at launches and their Christmas party.

Had you done much presenting before this?

I hosted the Deadlys this year and last year, which was amazing - but not a lot. I am a crappy reader of teleprompters, but once you are doing six shows a day, you get into it. Being on stage and in musical theatre really helps as well.

How was your 2012?

A whirlwind. I came off a Shakespeare lead, I have been touring and gigging, I did my Big Beautiful & Sexy shows, I did some shows as Mama Cass and I've done lots of writing and painting.

It's coming up to the 10-year anniversary of you beating Anthony Callea and taking out the second Australian Idol title …

I know! It's 10 years in 2014. I am preparing for that in a way now.

How do you prepare for that?

I am just looking at ways of how to get out there and celebrate it. It's a milestone. Winning at 16 and then being 26 in 2014, I've learnt so much about how to run a business, how to perform and to be comfortable in my own skin. Hopefully there will be some tricks up my sleeve.

Do you have any connection with the other Australian Idol contestants now?

Everyone has broken off and gone their separate ways. Ricki-Lee is doing well. Amali Ward is, too. We have Twitter and Facebook where we all catch up. I say hello if I see them out.

You were one of the headline acts at the concert launching the NITV channel with SBS. It seemed like there was a strong kinship with your fellow musicians.

I came in as the baby. Christine Anu has always been an idol of mine. It was a special, historic moment. I can tell my kids - hopefully there's no children in the next couple of years! - but I can tell them I was a part of this. I didn't stop smiling the whole time I was at Uluru for the launch. Ernie Dingo took me out to the rock and was my own personal tour guide. That is amazing!

What did Ernie tell you?

I've met Ernie a few times in my career. He is so open and bubbly. He is a man full of knowledge and that's what I cherish so much about the older generation in the indigenous community. For me to hear all these stories, that's something special.

Will you put out another album?

Fingers crossed, I'd loved to. I really want to just get in the studio and hit some things out. I've been saying that for seven years, though. I'm doing some more theatre for three months next year, but I want to record. I am an eclectic music writer. Depending on my mood, I could be writing rock or folk or ballads. I have a big catalogue of music just sitting there, waiting to be released.

Fusion airs daily at midnight on NITV (Channel 34).

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