Smoke but no fire at Engadine closes street

SMOKE from a security system partially closed an Engadine street as firefighters worked to make sure there was no fire threat this morning. 

A smoke screen activated  at Diann Darling Jewellers caused havoc on the Old Princes Highway after a security system was activated.

One resident told the Leader they thought the nearby ANZ Bank was on fire. 

‘‘[We] could not see flames but lots of smoke,’’ she said.  

Fire and Rescue NSW Acting Superintendent Josh Turner said firefighters responded to the call at 8.57am.

‘‘Lots of smoke was coming out of the building so they closed the street for precautionary reasons,’’ Acting Superintendent Turner said.

‘‘Any movement lets off a security device and the result is that it lets off a smoke screen,’’ he said. 

‘‘It’s so [thieves] lose all vision and they can’t access anything they want to access,’’ he said.

The road surrounding Old Princess Highway near Waratah Road was closed for a short time by police and firefighters.

‘‘The smoke is part of a security installation system and the fire brigade is notified if activated.’’

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