Video: No one to catch this falling Westfield star

The removal of the star from the top of the Westfield Miranda star is complete. All that remained this morning was the partial shell of the office block.

That building, which, along with the star, was erected in 1971, will be replaced by a new galleria mall with three levels of shops, ground floor restaurants extending outdoors and a roof-top cinema complex.

Lawrence Green captured this short video yesterday afternoon as the star fell.

Monday's story:

Pictures: Lisa McMahon

Pictures: Lisa McMahon

Pictures: Lisa McMahon

Pictures: Lisa McMahon

Shoppers gathered on the footpath opposite and motorists stopped to watch as the end approached this afternoon for the star on top of Westfield Miranda.

Leader photographer Lisa McMahon captured on video the action of the claw of a giant demolition machine pulling apart the concrete around the star.

Many onlookers also recorded the event with their mobile phone cameras.

Are you sad to see the star gone?

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