Skimming cyclists a dangerous practice

I'm not at all surprised by the news that a cyclist was injured by a hit-run driver on the Old Princes Highway (Leader, January 7).

While the road is usually quiet it is frequented by speeding drivers who delight in getting as close to cyclists as they can in order to scare the hell out of them.

So frequent is the practice my group have named the culprits, for example "white ute with stainless steel tool storage man" who is a regular (his number plates are covered in mud which is convenient).

In my opinion RMS has not helped the situation having recently increased the speed limit in the area to 100km/h which makes the practice of skimming riders even more dangerous.

As we saw on the weekend a skimmer only needs to misjudge by a small margin to cause significant injury.

Greg Connolly, Caringbah

Have you been ''skimmed'' while cycling? 


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