Here's a global shift in teaching

In the know: Academy founder Dr Majeda Awawdeh-Caleo knows how the brain works.Picture: Jane Dyson
In the know: Academy founder Dr Majeda Awawdeh-Caleo knows how the brain works.Picture: Jane Dyson

THE Global Education Academy at Kogarah provides tutoring for primary and high school students in subjects including maths, English, the sciences and all HSC subjects using the principles of cognitive load theory.

This is an information-processing system in which great consideration is given to the role and limitations of working memory, which performs the intellectual tasks associated with consciousness.

Since its conception in the early 1980s, the theory has been used to develop several instructional strategies which have been demonstrated empirically to be superior to conventional methods.

At the academy the theory is applied to all courses including comprehension and writing, problem-solving, special programs for pre-school students and programs for adults.

Academy founder, Dr Majeda Awawdeh-Caleo, who has a PhD in maths education, said the academy was "the epicentre of transformational learning, which happens when research and learning converge".

"The research I conducted for my PhD in mathematics education coupled with cognitive load theory investigated the way students learn and think and how unnecessary cognitive load can be minimised to enable understanding.

"Cognitive load has a critical impact on thinking and, consequently, understanding not only in mathematics but also in all other subjects.

"After working a few years at the university, I decided to put the theory into practice and start the Global Education Academy, the only research-based learning centre in Sydney. Our goal is for our students to have a learning experience that will shift the way they think and understand.

"Teaching for understanding is our motto. We apply it to every lesson, every session and every conversation with our students.

"We know understanding leads learners to achieve success."

The academy also has classes for adults in Arabic languages and any other specific subject as requested.

Details: Global Education Academy, unit 1, 53-55 Montgomery Street, Kogarah, or global or 8094 9964.