Men's shed workers repair hall

HOUSE repairs and general handyman work requires sound advice and practice. What better way to gain both than by helping repair Bexley Masonic hall.

Bexley Men's Shed, headed by St George Masonic Museum Society president Patrick Medway, allows men to get together to share experiences and advice about projects, minor renovations and repair works.

They can also contribute to repair works around the community.

Mr Medway said there was a renewed interest among men who wanted to help out. He said one of their first jobs would be cleaning up the grounds around Bexley Masonic hall and repairing its windows.

The hall was built in 1922 and needed minor repair and maintenance work. "We are also keen to repair some of the historic photographic frames in the Masonic museum collection," Mr Medway said.

Details: Bexley Men's Shed will begin work at the hall at 478-480 Forest Road, Bexley, on March 3 at 10am; 9556 1537, or 0402 435 048, or email