Rally against WestConnex 'bushland threat'

WestConnex, butt out: protesters at Wolli Creek
WestConnex, butt out: protesters at Wolli Creek

ABOUT 100 people gathered at Bexley North on Saturday afternoon to draw attention to the potential destruction of the western part of the Wolli Creek bushland to make way for the proposed WestConnex tollway.

The crowd gathered at the start of the popular Two Valley Trail, part of the area that could be bulldozed for the new toll road.

Wolli Creek Preservation Society president Laura Zusters said Wolli Creek valley was the only remaining area of significant natural bushland in inner south-west Sydney.

"This is an area of high-quality bushland that needs to be protected," she said.

Ms Zusters said the WestConnex Delivery Authority had refused to rule out a "cut and cover" tunnel that would destroy two hectares of bushland.

"The affected area contains hundreds of mature trees which provide habitat for a diversity of native wildlife," she said.

"This is a precious natural oasis in the heart of the city, for humans and wildlife."

Ms Zusters said the residents had been told by the road authority that it was up to project tenderers to propose the route of the road, effectively preventing the community from having a say.

"Public concern about the proposed WestConnex is growing throughout Sydney as details emerge about its route and its cost to taxpayers, while important details such as traffic modelling and the location of stacks have not been made public," she said.

"For Wolli Creek Preservation Society, whose members have worked for years to protect and restore the environmental values of the area, the loss of this precious bushland is too high a price to pay."