An uphill battle in Miranda for ALP but all say it was a clean campaign

LABOR candidate Greg Holland thought the result in Miranda was "pretty good" for his party.

"There is nothing more we could have done," he said.

"We had an overall swing of 10.7 per cent on the 2011 result".

"We certainly engaged with the community and got a lot of good responses, but areas like Illawong, Sylvania Waters and Sylvania Heights barely moved, and were just too big for us," he said.

"There were big swings to us in some booths, including 11 per cent in Alfords Point, 15 per cent in Bonnet Bay (his home suburb) and 14 per cent in Como, not including Como West.

"We did a lot of work in Alfords Point, where the community feels isolated and they have road and public transport needs that have to be addressed.

"We also did well at Jannali and Como where the train timetable was an issue."

Mr Holland said he and his Liberal opponent Eleni Petinos had congratulated each other on the way the campaign was conducted.

Ms Petinos told the Leader, "We both ran a very clean campaign, focused on the issues and we were not sledging each other off'.

"I thanked Greg for the manner and the spirit in which the campaign was conducted.

"He was an absolute pleasure to be around every day and I wished him and his family all the best."