Kogarah city plan draws fire from wards: Urgent ward meetings to be held

High-rise on the horizon: Much will change if Kogarah Council's New City plan is adopted. Picture: Jane Dyson
High-rise on the horizon: Much will change if Kogarah Council's New City plan is adopted. Picture: Jane Dyson

KOGARAH Council’s New City plan which will mean increased densities in many parts of Kogarah has mobilised community groups into action.

The umbrella group United Kogarah City Residents Association is planning a number of urgent ward meetings to make sure all residents are aware of what the council’s plan will mean for residents in the long term.

The association believes the plan, with its increased density and more high-rises, will cause long-term problems.

These  include overpopulation, traffic congestion, parking problems, loss of privacy and amenity, and the potential destruction of foreshore and waterfront scenic protection areas.

‘‘This will change Kogarah forever unless everyone makes their objections known,’’ said group member Leesha Payor.

The group (also called ‘‘kogarah.org’’) wants the council to hold a public forum.

‘‘In their letter to residents the council said they were not proposing a public forum, but kogarah.org believes it is absolutely necessary,’’ Miss Payor said. ‘‘Everyone needs to know exactly what is going on.’’

The group is an amalgamation of a number of community organisations including Community Group Carlton, Kogarah Bay & Carss Park, Friends of Oatley, Georges River Environmental Alliance, Kogarah Bay Progress Association, Kogarah Residents Association and Kyle Bay Residents Association.

Residents have about nine weeks to make their views known on the New City plan.

It will be on exhibition until May 29.

The council says the plan, which means increased density in large parts of Kogarah, is about meeting the needs of a growing population and changing demographics.

"Overall responsibility for ensuring housing needs of communities are met lies with the state government, and it has recently released its strategy for accommodating Sydney's overall population growth for the next 20 years — the Plan for Growing Sydney," a council spokeswoman said.

"In line with the revised high growth projection for Sydney overall, it is anticipated the government will be updating and significantly increasing housing projections for this region in the near future.

"It is the council's responsibility to plan for suitable housing across Kogarah, and that housing must reflect the government's strategy."

The spokeswoman said to deliver housing to meet the needs of Kogarah's current population and the needs of future generations the New City plan aimed to create more opportunity for dual occupancy; a wider range of housing for older residents; properly located, well-designed and accessible apartments; housing close to jobs to strengthen local centres; a choice of housing along railway lines and main roads; and a broader housing choice by allowing smaller lots.

VIEW DETAIL: The public is invited to view the New City plan and other associated documents either in person at the council’s customer service centre or at one of the council’s library branches, or online at kogarah.nsw.gov.au/newcityplan

A detailed information booklet has been prepared and mailed to residents and property owners in Kogarah LGA.

More details on 93309480.

Anyone wishing to make a submission on the New City plan must do so in writing.

 Submissions must be received by the council no later than Friday, May 29, at 5pm.

Are you happy with the plan? If not what would you push for? 


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