Longer wait for Bardwell Park traffic lights

Long wait: The Leader's photo from a story published in August 2014. Picture: Jane Dyson
Long wait: The Leader's photo from a story published in August 2014. Picture: Jane Dyson

Residents are frustrated at a further delay in the installation of traffic lights at a dangerous T-intersection at the top of Bardwell Park shopping centre.

However, Rockdale Council said it hoped the signals would be operating by the end of October.

Requests for the safety upgrade at the corner of Slade Road and Hartill-Law Avenue were ignored for more than 13 years before the state government agreed in September last year to share the  $40,000 cost with the council.

The council said at the time Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) would carry out the design and installation by the end of the financial year.

When it was obvious the June 30 deadline would not be met, community group Rockdale Residents Unite members Bernie Sharah and Cameron Hons made two YouTube videos (see below), showing confusion among drivers and interviews with local business people.

A council spokesman told the Leader the project was progressing.

‘‘RMS  and council are working with a specialist traffic designer to ensure the risks associated with this particular site minimise the cost of modifications required to utility services, shop awnings and to also limit the loss on any on-street parking,’’ he said.

The spokesman said RMS had a limited number of approved contractors for this type of work.

‘‘Council is hoping to have the signals installed by the end of this October,’’ he said.

Mr Sharah said the intersection was extremely confusing.

‘‘Every day that goes by, there are numerous near-misses and pedestrians put at risk,’’ he said.

‘‘Motorists don’t know who has right of way, and the last thing they are looking at is the pedestrian crossing.’’

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