Want the lifestyle of the rich and famous? Model Jade Kevin Foster wants them to 'like' him

Chances are if you have heard the name Jade Kevin Foster, you are a fan of his poses.

What might come as a surprise to everyone else is his remarkable global reach.

The aspiring international model, 23, of Caringbah, launched into the online sphere only four years ago.

He now has more than 500,000 Instagram and Twitter followers, taking social media by selfie storm.

The unexpected claim to fame began when he modelled for Louis Vuitton and Mossimo.

A few photo tags later (supported by a handy ‘‘like’’ by Kim Kardashian when he met her in Australia) and the followers flocked. 

‘‘I love being in front of a camera and being proactive in interacting with people,’’ he said.

‘‘I do constantly get negative feedback by my posts but I delete it.

‘‘Most people tell me I’m inspiring — I love the positive energy.’’

Mr Foster said he wanted to be a role model for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community by encouraging confidence in identity.

He was contacted recently by a San Diego developer which is scouting popular social media users to endorse its new app for a nice sum of $1.3 million.

Mr Foster said he would donate some of the money to a children's charity such as Kids Helpline.

These offers are not unheard of, said his manager John Scott, who runs Platform Me — a Sydney-based website that represents young and emerging social media users-turned-brand marketers.

‘‘It gives people who use social media a powerful opportunity to play out their lives through a magnifying glass, and hopefully monetise on it,’’ he said.

‘‘What we’re starting to see is a shift from traditional PR to humans beings able to express themselves on a new level — it’s like the renaissance of creativity.

‘‘Gone are the days when celebrities spruik a product — consumers get tired of it because they relate better to people like their peers who they believe and trust.

‘‘That’s why we’re seeing a rising — they are more approachable.’’

‘‘And few men can do it well in this arena but Jade has an ability to engage.

‘‘The social media explosion has afforded that creativity.’’

Would you rather be rich or famous?