Shire Climate Action members join Parliament House sit-in: video

Ten members of Sutherland Climate Action Network were among about 250 protesters who staged a sit-in inside Parliament House in Canberra on Wednesday.

Many of the protesters, who were calling for stronger federal government action on climate change, were dragged out by police, but none were arrested or charged.

Climate change protesters being carried out of Parliament House on Wednesday.

The demonstration, in the marble foyer, lasted more than 90 minutes and caused the public entrance of Parliament House to be temporarily shut down.

Convener of Sutherland Climate Action Network, Jonathan Doig, of Gymea Bay, said people had come from around Australia for the ‘‘People's Parliament’’ civil disobedience protest.

Mr Doig said they expressed their disappointment and anger with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over his government's ‘‘weak’’ climate targets, and called on all political leaders to ‘‘put people before polluters’’ at the United Nations climate summit in Paris.

‘‘I did this for my daughter, who is 11,’’ he said.

‘‘Climate change is the biggest threat to her future.

‘‘The earth is already changing.

‘‘Our leaders are failing us, so it's up to all of us to push them to take strong and urgent action.’’

Other shire protesters included Kokoda track veteran Bill Ryan, 93, of Caringbah, and his son Colin, of Kirrawee, Tassia Kolesnikow, Peter Donley, Liz Donley, Des Maddalena, Joanne Jasny, Judy Walker and Greg Walker.

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