Random Acts of Kindness

Handbag locked in car

Thank you to the kind and generous couple who helped me when I locked my handbag with car key in the car at Engadine Shopping Centre car park on Wednesday, November 10.

They took me home to Heathcote and tried to find a spare key and also attended to an injury that happened while I was looking for the key.

They phoned the NRMA for help after they took me back to Engadine and waited for the man to arrive.

By that time my three-hour parking limit had expired and the lady also paid for my ticket when the boom gate didn’t go up.

They waited behind me to make sure I was able to get home ok.

God bless them and thank you.

Madge, Heathcote

Going above and beyond

Thank you very much to the lady who went out of her way to return my wallet to my house after I had misplaced it at Westfield Miranda shopping centre. 

Thank you for going above and beyond, it was greatly appreciated

Katherine Jeffcock, Jannali

Feeling sick at the shops 

On Tuesday, November 7 I drove to Westfield Miranda to do some shopping.

After a coffee I walked down to the Optus Shop to recharge my mobile. I felt very sick and a lady with a little girl dashed into Optusnet to get a chair.

A young man stayed with me while they radioed the Westfield Welfare lady who came and ordered a wheelchair to take me back to my car.

A very big thanks to the lady with the little girl, Optus and Westfield. I was very grateful for their caring and help. Thank you so much.

Margaret Harrris, Gymea Bay

Help after a minor stroke

I had a minor stroke on Monday, November 14 and two ladies – Robyn and Emily –  helped me by sending a card, ringing an ambulance and contacting my son. 

I was in St George public hospital for a week. It’s wonderful that you can find people to help you when you need them.

Sylvia, Barden Ridge