6 tips to have a party-ready backyard this summer

Kick the kids off the devices and create an outdoor vibe in the backyard that takes the party outside this summer.

Create mini music festivals, outdoor cinema nights or even a relaxing Christmas Day atmosphere with these planning tips, and the latest in audio technology for neighbour-friendly outdoor music experiences.

Clear the clutter: tidy up, wipe away winter spider webs and storm debris, and clean the outdoor furniture.

Bring indoor luxuries outside to create a comfortable outdoor room: a coffee table, ottomans and bean bags from inside can complement hammocks and swings.

Affordable and portable decorative items like fairy lights and fresh pots of herbs, flowers or plants can enhance the summer atmosphere.

Be prepared for a change in the weather: an outdoor umbrella may suit an intimate affair, while a marquee can accommodate large groups.

With warmer weather comes an influx of unwelcome visitors like mosquitoes and flies. Keep the pests away with insect repelling incense coils and citronella candles.

Don’t forget the music: track selection is just as important as the equipment, so consider a quality audio system that’s designed for outdoor use.

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