Random Acts of Kindness

Boris goes AWOL

Boris our diabetic cat had been missing for 6 weeks and for the last 10 days of that time was looked after by a couple in Kogarah.

When he stopped eating they took him to the vet at Kogarah where he was identified through his microchip.

Thank you very much to that couple for looking after him so well. 

We wish to also thank Mark Westwood and his team at West Engadine Vet for their professional care of not only Boris but our other pets.

Thanks also to those people that saw our notices particularly Colleen and Wendy who asked about Boris.

How Boris ended up in Kogarah from Engadine we can only surmise? At this stage he is not saying! To some people he is just a cat but he is a loved family member.

Thanks again to everyone it is nice to know there are caring people in our community.

The Osborne Family, Engadine

Tears and laughter

Thank you so much to the wonderful man who took the time to get out of his car and offer assistance to me after witnessing the very serious collision at the intersection of Box Rd and Sylvania Rd in February between myself and another driver.  

He was the first person to check if I was OK and then helped me sit down and even made me laugh through my tears - a rare skill indeed! He also stayed with me until the very helpful tow truckies took over.

I would also like to thank the very kind lady who called police and the fireman for also stopping and checking on all involved.

I am very grateful and appreciative of everyone’s kindness, as it helped me stay positive and overcome the trauma of it all.

Kellie Kanaar

Card and keys returned

On Thursday, February 16, I left my Opal card and house keys on the train.

Thank you to Mark at Como station and the supervisor at Sutherland station for being so helpful.

Special thanks to the person that handed them in and to my nanny and grampy Robertson who went to great lengths searching for them.

Jemma (high school student)

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