The 'big tyre' not what Kurnell should be known for

Novel design: The proposed office building for a new tyre warehoue complex at Kurnell. Picture: DA
Novel design: The proposed office building for a new tyre warehoue complex at Kurnell. Picture: DA

Re the article “24-hr tyre warehouse plan” (Leader, March 8).

Bring business to Kurnell by all means.

Great to see the enterprise of business people like Mr Taleb to grow, expand, create opportunity and employment. 

BUT, having to see the proposed building, as seen in the picture, at the gateway to this historic village would not be what residents of Kurnell, let alone visitors and tourists, would want to see as the first thing you encounter as you enter the village of Kurnell. 

The refinery was put here at a time when little consideration for the village and its historical significance was given any.

And it continued to be followed by other like industry such as HCE Extractions and now the Caltex Fuels Import Terminal. 

But these days we have that opportunity.

I ask Mr Taleb to consider a softer more appropriate building design in keeping with that of normal warehouse building design style that is prominent in the area.

That would keep cost down and result in a more appealing building design more in keeping with the proposed location at the entry to the Kurnell Village.

I ask would Mr Taleb want that building to be the first thing he would see when entering the suburb where he resides?

We will know it will be a tyre warehouse, signage will tell us, but we do not need to see what it is.

And as for council, I hope they have the forethought to also consider such a building design as inappropriate for the entrance to the Kurnell village.

Remember where we live, Kurnell, the birth place of modern Australia, not the Hume Highway, Princes Highway or Canterbury Road.

Kris Taylor

Please don’t. I get distribution warehouse for trucks but not a tyre-fitting centre. I’ve seen the cars and crowds at Tempe. 

It will be a boy racer’s delight and a local’s nightmare.

Aaron Anthony 

It will be the hub of Kurnell.

Bridget Wickert

Kurnell seems like a dumb place for a distribution centre. One road in and out?!

Ryan Broom 

Personally, I don’t think the shape of the office building made to look like 2 tyres - is in the theme of the area.

It needs to be at least 9 levels high and have residential units.

Jo Pagan-oh

Captain Cook Drive will become the new racetrack for the lads in Nissan Skylines and Toyota Supras.

Paul Aiken

That could get tyresome to look at after a while!

Xenia Condon