KIND ACTS | Highway breakdown help, wallet returned with $350 intact

Help a phone call away

I would like to thank a lady who was walking with her family in Wanda Beach on Sunday, April 23, for lending me her mobile phone to call my son.

We lost our car keys in the beach and had to get my son to bring us a spare set. Thank you so much for your kind favour!

Liliana Ructtinger

Wallet returned with $350

On a recent Sunday afternoon my husband lost his wallet at Westfield Miranda.

The moment he realised once at home, his mobile rang informing him that it had been handed in to the concierge desk.

He had just been to the ATM and did not expect his $350 to still be in there … but it was along with everything else.

All we know that a lady called ‘Jemma’ handed it in. So thank you Jemma, our faith in humanity has been restored.

Tynelle Spinner

Movie had a happy ending

I wish to publicly thank the young lady who made it possible for my wallet and I to be reunited.

I received a phone call from Cronulla Police Station asking if I had lost my wallet. I checked my handbag and sure enough it was not there.

The constable asked  "have you been to the movies” –  which I had.  He said it had been handed in by the young lady at the cinema. I thanked the young lady and she was most gracious saying "it would bring good karma".

Margaret Bayliss, Cronulla

Highway breakdown help

My stepdaughter with two young children was on her way home from the hospital following chemotherapy treatment (for the one-year-old) on Wednesday, May 3 when the car broke down in the middle lane of the Princes Highway at Kirrawee.

It was 6pm peak hour traffic and pouring rain. She would have been there for 20 minutes – scared and in very dangerous conditions before I arrived.

Many, many thanks to the complete stranger and police woman who arrived just in time to help me push the car 400 metres uphill to safety.

Tony Cranney, Bonnet Bay