Wagga High students raise more than $1000 for Love Your Sister

Wagga High students have done a big thing with small change, raising more than $1000 for cancer research. 

They arranged thousands of coins on Wednesday in the shape of hearts, the result of their Love Your Sister fundraiser

“There are students here who’ve been touched by the story, to give back is just a good idea for everyone,” student Sarah Zia said. 

The students’ month-long effort to collect coins pulled at the heart-strings of the wider community. 

“We’ve had people come in who had kids with us many years ago to drop of bags of 5 cent coins,” deputy principal, Tania Maddison said. 

Community contributors included a 90-year-old woman, The Bendigo Bank and The Wagga Hockey Association among others.

The Big Heart Project in Canberra last month

Year 11 student Ethan Perry believes change can start small.

“Maybe one day we can actually figure how to stop it, the nightmare of it,” Mr Perry said. 

Also in attendance were Katharine Graham and her mother Kay Turner.

They were at the official Big Heart Project fundraiser in Canberra where Katharine donated two Gold Logies worth of coins to the cause. 

“I’m speechless, there are no words to describe it. Connie and Sam were just amazing,” Ms Graham said. 

Katharine’s grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. 

The mother and daughter duo donated again to the Wagga High collection. 

This story Wagga High’s ‘hearts of gold’ first appeared on The Daily Advertiser.