Spencer Jones makes the top eight on The Voice

Kogarah musician Spencer Jones has made it to the semifinals of The Voice.

Taking to the stage on Sunday he belted out an Australian classic- Working Class Man by Jimmy Barnes.

His rendition got a standing ovation from all four judges and ensures he makes it to the next round.

He is only one of two singers left on Kelly Rowland’s team with the other being Fasika Ayallew.

He said TheVoice was the best thing he’s ever done.

“It’s such a big challenge; it’s a mental game as well as a musical one,’’ he said.

“It’s made me push through some of the fear and anxiety I had. It’s been empowering; the best thing I’ve ever done.

“It made me realise you have to put yourself out there and reap the rewards.’’

The Voice airs on Sundays from 7pm.