Random Acts of Kindness

Residents react to crash

Many thanks and appreciation to the kind residents nearby Anzac and Caldarra Avenue roundabout at Engadine who assisted our daughter after a serious accident on Thursday, July 6. 

To the kind gentleman who crawled into a totalled car left resting on its side to unlock Emma’s seatbelt and assist her out.

To Kayla and her Mum Cathy who contacted the family, ambulance and police.  

And to the honest people who retrieved all her belongings, strewn across the road. Thank you also to the paramedics and emergency staff who treated her. Great job as usual. 

Miraculously Emma was not seriously hurt and her two babies were thankfully safe at home. 

Please slow down be careful at this busy intersection!

Jane Healey, Yowie Bay

Ambos were superb

The thanks of all my family are extended to Jackie and Ross from Caringbah ambulance station who attended my mother in law on July 10 at St Basils Retirement Village after she collapsed.

The duo arrived in double quick time, ran an ECG, did blood pressures and a myriad of other tests and treatment. The professionalism and care they displayed was unbelievable. 

They did the Ambulance Service proud. Thanks Jackie and Ross. Your study and work is greatly appreciated!

Patrick Kennedy, Heathcote

‘Licence’ to thrill

On Tuesday, after going to the local post office I drove home. 

The doorbell rang unexpectedly!  A gentleman was at my front door with a licence in his hand.  

He found my licence on the ground on Connells Point Road (I didn’t even know I lost it).  

I didn’t get a chance to thank him properly.  I guess I was in a state of disbelief!

Not only did he find my licence but he went out of his way to drive it to my place. 

Now that is true honesty and kindness.  Thank you for going far and beyond.  I really hope you are reading this.

Suzanne, South Hurstville 

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