Random Acts of Kindness

Shire has ‘good people’

I recently lost my wallet while shopping in Engadine.

The staff in Woolworths, the wonderful lady who insisted on giving me money to help me with my loss and many other acts of kindness were such a comfort to me at what was a very stressful time.

I am delighted to say my wallet, with everything intact, was found and returned to me the next day. Thank you Lois – you are wonderful.

I have only recently moved to the area and knowing I am now living amongst so many good people has made my move so much easier.

To the lady who gave me the money, I have passed it on to a charity.

Margaret, John Paul Village, Heathcote 

Great detective work

Our thanks to a Good Samaritan, Coleen who spotted a ‘man bag’ containing a wallet, phone and glasses, under our car at Jannali last Saturday evening.

It had fallen from our vehicle unnoticed in the dark on our way to a restaurant in Jannali for a birthday dinner.

Assuming it had been left at home when it couldn’t be found, it wasn’t until we arrived home at 10pm it was discovered to be missing.  

We rang the mobile phone to check if it was somewhere in the house but it was answered by Coleen.  

She had checked with the household where our car was parked then phoned the restaurant to check there also.

With some good continued detective work she was able to find our home phone and leave a message assuring us it was in good hands which was very comforting.

So happy to know there are good honest citizens who go above the call of duty to return lost, valuable articles to their owners.  Thank you Coleen, it was very much appreciated.

Bill Herrmann, Kirrawee

Flowers a touching gift

A big thank you to the kind lady who gave me flowers from Coles Ramsgate on August 11 after shopping there. This touched me very much as it was a random act from a lovely person.

Yvonne, Kogarah

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