Random Acts of Kindness

Lost Opal Card returned

After going to the RMS at Miranda and then returning home, I received a phone call from a gentleman called Ray from Taren Point, to let me know that he had picked up my Opal Card. 

I didn’t even realise that I had lost it as I was using my car that day.  I must have dropped it getting my car keys out of my bag. 

I had just topped it up quite a lot so very pleased to get it back. Many thanks Ray.

Kay Pittman, Engadine

Trolley coin gesture

Thank you to the lovely young lady that gave me a coin to put in my trolley at Aldi Miranda as I was looking in my purse.

It was very much appreciated and I wanted to let her know I paid it forward to another lady that was looking in her purse when I was leaving.

Made my day.

Robyn Griffiths, Caringbah South

Help after bad fall

On July 7 at the corner of Gibbs Street and Jackson Avenue. I had a bad fall caused by a dislodged paver.

Two gentleman came to my aid, one getting me to a sitting position, the other phoning for an ambulance.

A lady after seeing me bleeding badly, mainly on the right hand and arm, went to her car and got a first aid kit. This lady and a young woman that was passing by stopped and assisted her, bandage my hand and arm, and open wounds.

This proved helpful to the ambulance team and Sutherland Hospital emergency department.

Also a lady and gentleman from a nearby office brought a seat to help me, but I could not lift myself to the seat. Passers by also asked if any help was needed.

I was in such shock and pain I felt I had not shown appropriate gratitude to everyone for such kindness.

To everyone who came to my aid and helped me, I wholeheartedly wish to thank them with my sincerest gratitude.

Madge Hopkins

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