Random Acts of Kindness

Bag washed away by wave

On a recent Sunday morning I decided to take a dip in Cronulla rock pool.

I left my bag containing clothes, wallet, keys and phone on the dry steps leading from the esplanade to the pool while I enjoyed the choppy conditions of the water.

When a freak wave came crashing over the rock pool wall I looked back at the steps and saw the last remnants of the wave retreating from the steps and … no bag!

I made a beeline to where my bag used to be, expecting it to be well on its way to New Zealand.

On approach I saw a fully clothed man judging the waves, descending the steps and negotiating slippery rocks. Before I got there he had retrieved my soaked bag.

A huge thank you to that man for taking a risk for someone he didn’t know. My clothes were sopping wet but thankfully and miraculously my wallet, keys and phone weren’t damaged.

David, Mortdale

Sarah solves dog dilemma

Recently I acquired my daughter’s beautiful retriever as she moved overseas. 

Realising that I was nearly out of medication I had to find a local vet but unfortunately my husband has recently been hospitalised and I had no way of getting the dog to the vet. 

Ringing Peakhurst Vet Clinic I explained my predicament to the receptionist, Sarah, asking if they did home visits but unfortunately they don’t. 

However within half an hour she phoned me and offered to pick me and the dog up and transport us to the vet - in her own time! This was so appreciated.

Nerida Mitchell, Peakhurst

Wheelchair struggle aid

I took my mother to a specialist appointment at Miranda recently. It was my first time taking her in a wheelchair. 

It was a struggle to get her up the ramp at the building on Urunga Pde.  I had to wheel Mum backwards down the ramp as I couldn’t hold on to go forwards. 

A woman saw me struggling, immediately put down her bags and came to my aid expertly wheeling Mum safely to the footpath. Appreciated it so much! 

Michelle Chant

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