Urban renewal 'priority' along tunnelled sections of F6 extension

A leaked cabinet document says one of the key objectives of the F6 extension would be to facilitate urban renewal through land use changes at key locations along the corridor.

The Sandringham Peninsula is named as one of the main areas for potential rezoning.

The document, dated August 31 this year and obtained by 9 News, indicates mixed fortunes for residents living on or next to the corridor, which has been reserved for a road since the 1950s.

The first section would be a tunnel from the M5 near Sydney Airport to President Avenue, Brighton-Le-Sands.

Another tunnel would run from President Avenue to Captain Cook Bridge, which would be duplicated.

The motorway would be mostly above ground through Sutherland Shire (See Page 6).

It is understood the government will announce the go-ahead for the first stage from WestConnex at Arncliffe to President Avenue in the next few weeks.

An environmental impact statement, providing details on tunnel entrances and exits and exhaust stacks, is likely to be released in the second half of 2018.

Proposed tunnels through St George would free up large tracts of land that include wetlands and sports fields, particularly Scarborough Park.

Many properties already acquired by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) would also be released.

The government could defray the cost of building the motorway by selling these properties and other non-sensitive land to developers.

While it would be unlikely wetlands would be touched, playing fields and passive parkland could be threatened.

Areas adjoining the road reservation could be rezoned for projects like the former Darrel Lea site development adjoining Scarborough Park.

Deputy Opposition Leader and spokesman on Planning and Infrastructure, Michael Daley, said, “When the government talks about land use changes that always means rezoning for high rise”.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the government’s aim was to provide infrastructure with minimal disturbance, while maintaining the quality of life people to which people were accustomed.

Newly elected mayor Bayside Council Bill Saravinovski said, “We will never support rezonings”.

Rockdale MP Steve Kamper said he had consistently said, if the F6 motorway was going to be built, it needed to be underground in St George, but not at the expense of losing open space or playing fields.

“This is still early information, and until we have a final plan on the table I won’t be providing my unqualified support for the motorway,” Mr Kamper said.