Random Acts of Kindness

Students thanked

I would like to say a big thankyou to the teachers and pupils from Engadine High for graciously sharing the facilities they had booked at Burnum Burnum reserve Woronora when our scheduled Spring BBQ at Woronora Dam had to be relocated at the last minute when we discovered there was no electricity to the barbeques there. 

It was very pleasing to see so many young adults enthusiastically enjoying the outdoors in such a well-behaved manner a month or so before the HSC.

Jim Power, Sutherland Combined Probus Club

Wallet returned

On Friday, September 22, after shopping at Coles at Southgate, Sylvania, I went towards Woolies and realised that I had dropped my wallet.

I retraced my steps back to Coles and while I was enquiring at the cashier where I paid for my shopping, Stephanie, as I was told later, at the customer service counter, called out to me and handed me my wallet.

I asked her where was it found. She mentioned that it was in front a metre or so on the ground and someone handed it to her. There was nothing missing from the wallet.

I keep remembering this act of kindness as I pray for those involved and their families which saved me from so many inconveniences and financial loss.

Lawrie, Kogarah

Paramedics praised

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Elissa and Sarah who are NSW Ambulance Paramedics base at Engadine for their professionalism and care late on Sunday evening and early Monday morning when they responded at I time I that I was quite unwell and in need of help.

I would also like to thank the team at St George Hospital Accident and Emergency for their professionalism and care which alleviated my own health concerns in the short term and for referring me to further care options in the future. 

You were all of course "only doing your job" so to speak.

That said I am very grateful that you were all there at a time I needed help.  

John Caukill

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