Random Acts of Kindness

Feeling lucky

Riding my bike to meet some friends very early in the morning I had no thought of the date (October 13), just happy it was Friday and was looking forward to the weekend.

The date (Black Friday) became relevant at the exact same time as I was involved in an accident with a car while I was riding along Flora Street in Sutherland.

I want to thank the lovely lady that appeared from the dark just seconds after the accident and offered me a warm blanket and pillow.

Thank you, so, so much! With such kindness in the world I feel more lucky than superstitious. 

Pearce Anderson, Sylvania


"Are you all right?", four little words that mean a lot!  

When I heard them so clearly in a car accident I had on Friday morning, October 13, I felt relieved that I was all right.

Those words carry great compassion and care for someone at a time such as I had.

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to all the parents, students, ambulance people and all others who came to my assistance, stood by and watched me with reassurance that I was okay, and guided me to get out of the car without being scared although absolutely shaken. 

What a great spirit we have in our neighbourhood, in North Caringbah!  

I truly praise the thoroughness and professionalism of the ambulance people. Thank you so much.

Linda Swords, Caringbah

Stress reliever

A huge thank you to the very kind and thoughtful person who found my Dad’s credit card and handed it in to an Oatley  real estate agency and a huge thank you also to the real estate agency for handing it in to the bank.

You all helped relieve the whole family of a lot of stress. So nice to think there are good people in this world.

Julie Peterson,  Panania 

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