F6 debate rages on

F6 fears: Residents, with Bayside Councillors, on a possible interchange site at the corner of President Avenue and Civic Avenue. Picture: John Veage
F6 fears: Residents, with Bayside Councillors, on a possible interchange site at the corner of President Avenue and Civic Avenue. Picture: John Veage

Re the article ‘‘Traffic dump near homes: Residents alarmed over F6 interchange’’ (Leader, October 25).

For those who say it’s been in the pipeline for 50 years, people should know better, just build it, and the like; let me put this in perspective. 

If a family member(s) of yours had a strain of illness, how would you feel if people said, well, they’ve had it for a while now so what’s the deal - just get on with it, their time is up!

If you think this is just about building a road to connect Sydney, you are completely uneducated and ridiculously narrow minded. 

Someday soon you’ll find a block of apartments, or Sydney’s next infrastructure project smashing through your area.

Chris Kubacki 

So that’s 2000 trucks a day being directed onto President Avenue?

A non-arterial side road with a few hundred meters of road with residential properties on either side and several sets of traffic lights before a clear run down the Princes Highway or Rocky Point Road.

That will be a terrible bottleneck and a major shock for the residents in the area.

The community info sessions are held at times most people are working ... but I guess that means nothing as there really is no interest in the public concerns!

Mark Evans

Come on Gladys. The F6 corridor has been on the map for 60 years now, and you’re still planning it? Pull the other one!

Interestingly, you’re starting in the Labor-held seats of Kogarah and Rockdale, and leaving the Liberal-held seats of Miranda and Heathcote alone, until after the State election when some hard and very unpopular decisions have to be made.

The "planning" is really only a ruse - designed to save Eleni Petinos and Lee Evans from inevitable oblivion to follow when, in 2020, you tell the people in their seats that you’re about to bull-doze 400 homes to make way for the F6.


Why is nobody mentioning "the elephant in the room"? Slap bang in the middle of the proposed extension is the huge, sprawling Ramsgate RSL Club. 

What is to be its fate? 

Will it be crushed by the F6? Will the F6 diverge around it - and thus take people’s houses instead? Please explain! 

Gabrielle Merten, Hurstville

Are you people for real, we bought a unit on President Avenue over 25 years ago and the real estate agent was up front in informing us about "the road" that was earmarked for the area.

Gabrielle Ellem 

Build it below ground with open roof then no need for stacks then put light rail above to one side and a bike track above on the other.

Tony Patrulovski 

Don’t get too excited, it’s been 50 years in the planning already.

Kay Cook 

Should’ve been built decades ago. This was always going to happen.

Rhys Cheetham-Smith 

Whether the F6 will free-up roads, as the state government is touting, is a matter of individual opinion, and contention, and anyone’s wild guess - the last 50 years a typical example.

Areas such as the approach to the Marsh Street M5 East entry ramp are permanently chock full with trucks, as might be the President Ave entry ramp of Stage 1 of the F6, if is completed as envisaged.

One look at West Botany Street’s snaking row of parked trucks, similar to that of Foreshore Road, is enough to lay anxiety at the doorstep of those living on President Ave Kogarah.

And considering the high-density council and the state government are "planning" for Arncliffe-Banksia it’s looking like being the mother of all street car parks. 

R Piech, Sans Souci