Short + Sweet

Thank you for a great day

Re the article “40th Oatley Village Festival a success” (Leader, October 25).

What a lovely day we had in Oatley on Saturday, October 21.

Thanks to the hard work of a large group of volunteers, the streets of Oatley were abuzz with people shopping, eating, drinking coffee, and just having a good time as they wandered amongst the many stalls and activities that made the Oatley Lions Festival. 

And how quick and efficient was the clean-up afterwards! Two hours later it was as if it had never been. Congratulations to all those involved and thank you for a great day.

Debbie Hall, Oatley

Flashbacks are a hit

Re ‘‘Leader Flashback: 12,000 revel at opening of new crossing’’ (Leader, September 27).

Flashback Fridays are great looking back into how things happened in the shire and St George over the decades!