Running track gets a false start

I am writing to share the outcome of a request by the largest and most successful Little Athletics club in the region (Sutherland LAC) to have the athletics track lines refreshed. 

The request was made many months ago and the pictures attached are the result – which is simply not good enough.  

The corners are so bad, we had to place cones on the track so the kids had some idea of where to run ... all 400m events were cancelled. 

Additionally, they didn’t re-line the shot put and discuss areas (which I am thankful for I suppose). 

I’m not sure what the solution is, because the material used to mark lines kills the grass to create clear lines. 

Frankly what they have done is abhorrent and dangerous. 

I’m not sure who the council commissioned to do the work, but would suggest they are not used again.

David, Como