More toll roads versus more train services

F6 plan: The Princes Highway near the intersection of President Avenue, Kogarah, where the first stage will end. Picture: Chris Lane
F6 plan: The Princes Highway near the intersection of President Avenue, Kogarah, where the first stage will end. Picture: Chris Lane

RE the article ‘‘60 homes will go: First three stages of F6 to cost $9 billion’’ (Leader, November 8).

Imagine all the cars that could be taken off the road if there was investment in public transport - all those people who second-guessed training it in would have reason to leave the car, freeing up the road for those that need it - think tradesman, trucks, etc (without having to build another road and a toll). 

Chris Kubacki 

Agree rail is far more efficient. And less space hungry. A single road lane can move max 2,200 cars ph. Some 2,700 people. 

A single train line moves 25,000 in the same time. Add in modern signalling, this can be upwards 50,000 per hour.

Kathryn Calman 

The only time I catch the train for work is to the city. That’s because it’s more expensive to catch the train anywhere else, and a massive increase in travel time compared to the car.

I would rather take public transport if it was more convenient.

Joel Lisboa

Why not adopt the Jeff Kennett philosophy when he rebuilt Victoria. He added a 3c/litre fuel tax to pay for western ring road.

They had the date it would be paid off and the tax came off before that date. There is NO TOLL on it or has been.

Darren Lydom 

Dreadful. That’s a start. Within a year it will go up and continue to go up like all the other tolls.

Besides it doesn’t benefit the shire people – it goes around the shire. Only benefits the people living further south in getting to city. 

Lesley Bowden

Built it already! I’m ecstatic that it’s FINALLY getting built. Tolls are a must sadly but the benefits would be astronomical.

Alex Skribins 

Great idea, much needed and overdue.

Ben Orford 

Two lanes each way. The thing will be bumper to bumper the first day it’s opened.

Andrew Gerasimoski 

$8 to sit in a 2 lane carpark ... nope.

Ross Cardwell 

Awesome! Create further traffic congestion on West Botany Street and one big massive bottle neck at President Avenue and we have to pay to use it as well?

Not to mention the destruction of people’s homes, precious wetlands and parklands and slow poisoning by unfiltered exhaust stacks. Just what the community needs!

Julie Paps 

Report on the news said Sydney’s population would be 9 million by 2050.

Two lane roads won’t cut it. Investment in public transport is need so the roads can be for those who need it through the day.

Julie Anne 

Why would I pay for something that is currently free?

I would not be surprised if they manage to cut other roads off to force usage.

Peter Corben 

On the provision that it was built right with breakdown lanes etc (unlike the M5 east tunnel) and reduced transit time then sure I’d pay to use it.

Those that don’t want to pay will benefit from those that do so win/win in my opinion.

Construction costs money so tolls are inevitable, be thankful they are optional!

Michael Bowyer 

No. Let’s spend it on better public transport.

Wendi Aylward 

Looks like we’ll be working to pay tolls just to move around now.

Craig Burnell-jones