Consensus on all-day Clearway on Taren Point Road

Taren Point Road is to become an all-day clearway on weekdays. Picture: John Veage
Taren Point Road is to become an all-day clearway on weekdays. Picture: John Veage

Re the article ‘‘All-day celarways coming’’ (Leader, November 8).

I would think that a permanent clearway through Brighton is more of a priority.

John Wood 

Yes. all major roads should become permanent clearways.

Alan Little 

Good. Especially for southbound on the weekends.

Raymond Daly 

Sounds good as far as traffic goes but the whole eastern side of Taren Point Road between Captain Cook Drive and Kingsway was rezoned for units in 2015.

With a two-bedroom unit typically only getting a single garage where are all of those second cars that most couples have going to be pushed too?

The streets opposite like Beresford, Carrington, Balfour and Chamberlain will be choked with parked cars belonging to people who don’t live in those streets - not to mention the drivers of those cars running across a six-lane road to get home.

Maybe council should enforce two car spaces per unit when approving developments on main roads?

Ian Gray

Every main road should be a clearway both directions mornings and afternoons.

Through Taren Point, through Caringbah both directions, Kiora Road both directions. The roads can’t handle the traffic now let alone when all the units are finished.

This needs to start at 5.30am, not 6am. And in the afternoon it needs to start at 2.30pm not 3pm.

Tow trucks should starting towing cars at 3.02pm

Matthew Phillips 

The Kingsway through Caringbah could be the same.

Ross Deutschbein 

Just need to make the Princes Highway a clearway near Tom Uglys bridge. The only person who will complain is the owner bloody fish and chip ute that’s always causing a jam.

James Hansen

Should already have it on all main roads – Sydney can’t cope.

Big example King George’s Road at Wiley Park station – always a lot of congestion there because of a few parked cars.

Darren Drury 

Rocky pt Rd and also the kingsway from Caringbah to Miranda west bound.

Johnny Assarapin 

All new developments should have onsite parking for two vehicles per unit.

Rowland Chalmers 

What about Brighton-Le-Sands? 

That would alleviate huge stress along General Holmes Drive and The Grand Parade.

Jimi MayAswell 

Sounds like a great idea. Add to it also along the Kingway from Taren Point Road to Denman Avenue travelling east.

Kay Cook

And no bike riders in peak hour traffic!

​Craig Taylor