Random Acts of Kindness

Angels walk amongst us

You know the world and "the shire" is full of genuinely kind people when complete strangers stop to check if you need assistance when they see you in distress.

Walking home from Gymea Village Festival with my husband, I became ill with a health issue. 

Kind passers-by stopped their car to lend assistance. A few minutes later, another offer appeared from complete strangers. These random acts of kindness meant so much to us when we were in a vulnerable position. 

When we phoned for medical assistance, we were advised to call an ambulance to go to the emergency department.

I am well now and we send sincere thanks to those people and the paramedics, Michele and Justin from Bundeena. Thanks also for the wonderful care given to me by the team at Sutherland Hospital.

Angels don’t always have wings.


Wonderful caring people

I wish to express my sincere thanks to the people who assisted my wife after she fell and was injured outside Dr Favaloro’s surgery in Station Street Engadine on September 8.

Firstly many thanks to the three students who stopped to help and who notified staff in the adjacent surgery, who assisted Val until the ambulance arrived. 

Val spent 12 days in hospital suffering from a fractured cheek bone and blood pressure issues.

Fortunately, she was able to come home and is recovering slowly.

Once again, my sincerest thanks to all  those wonderful people and I apologise that in the rush, I failed to get their names, however, their efforts were very  much appreciated.

Ted Ford

Wallet found in Atlantis

On November 2 I lost my wallet and the wonderful team at Atlantis by the Bay at Brighton-Le-Sands found my wallet and returned it to me all intact!

Thank you so much for your honesty !

Sam, Bexley

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