Random Acts of Kindness

Panic on eve of flight

I wish to express my sincere thanks to a lady who went above and beyond what most people would do to return safely my lost handbag on Thursday, November 16.

Upon returning home at 6pm from my shopping trip at Woolworths Caringbah I was alarmed to discover I had lost my handbag and must have left it in my trolley.

I was very distressed as I was due to fly overseas the next day. It contained cash, all my credit cards and my new iPhone. 

My husband and I returned together to the shopping center where the gentleman collecting the trolleys was so kind an helpful. My phone was not there but the trolley attendant used his phone to call my phone and it was answered by my next door neighbor. 

She explained that a very kind lady had returned it to our house and as we were not home had given it to her to look after. I was so very relieved and incredibly grateful that we have such treasures within our society.

Immense thanks Adrianno Traino for your very kind act which was so appreciated.

Kirpal Kooner

Keys to my heart

A big thank you to the Arncliffe community.

I’m 83 years of age and was rushing to a medical appointment on Wednesday, November 15 only to find I had dropped my house keys.

I didn’t realise until I arrived for my appointment that my keys were missing. I rushed back but could not find them. 

I attended my appointment and when returning home I decided to ask the local IGA. By chance a gentleman had found the keys and gave them to the store assistant.

I wish to thank everyone involved. 

Rosa Giardullo, Arncliffe

Hospital care ‘remarkable’

I would like to express my thanks to the wonderful dedication, care and friendship shown to my late husband and I, during his time in hospital recently, by the doctors and nurses in the Gunyah Ward at Sutherland Hospital. They are truly remarkable, and my family and I cannot thank them enough.

Jan Kennedy, Derek and Julie

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