Your View: Short + Sweet

Love those life guards

On Thursday, November 23, after a 3km walk I went into the surf with my wife at Cronulla Beach where for the second time in four years I needed to be rescued by the life guards as I had been caught in a rip.

I tried to get to the side of the rip but I was closing in on the rocks. My wife, Sue had been behind me and still had her feet on the sand. 

She saw my dilemma as I was heading for New Zealand and she returned to the beach where she alerted the life guard named Jack who immediately grabbed the rescue board and paddled out to get me. 

He paddled me across the rip then onto the beach. Alas, I was saved, until I stood up jellied legged and fell straight over backwards into the water. 

He struggled to pick me up and walked me with other beach goers and my wife to the shore. 

Love those life guards. Thanks Jack.

Tony Day, Caringbah

Consider an animal rescue

Christmas is almost upon us and, regardless of religious persuasions, it is surely the time for random acts of kindness to family, friends and strangers alike.

Enjoy your puddings and presents but let’s not forget the hungry, the homeless and those who are alone.

There are also many animal charities who are struggling at this time of year and need our help. 

If you can spare the time, cash or both, consider the shelter animals who would love to start their new lives with your family.

Rescue pets deserve a second chance and will be forever grateful.

Needy people and abandoned animals are more important than Christmas lights and another bauble or two on a Christmas tree.

Spread a bit of kindness this festive season .… a little goes a long way.

Lydia Eber, Woronora Heights

‘Thank you Janet’

Re: the article “Wonderful Mind” (Leader, November 22). I just want to say congratulations and thank you to Janet Meagher for paving the way for future mentally ill patients. 

There is still a long way to go in terms of stigma, and I agree with her how not enough people see the good in someone suffering, they only see the illness. 

My daughter too has Schizophrenia who for many years received little help from mental health services. 

Her recovery is going well now, however, it isn’t for a lot of other mentally ill people. 

Reach out to someone who seems unwell, you never know, it could change their life. 

Cathy Iffland, Cronulla

Call centre frustration

The contracting out of phone support to Manilla, India, etc, may benefit manufacturers and retailers, but it achieves little when accented English becomes a bigger problem than the one we have. 

This frustrating, often transferred phone conversation, ends as a rule with the problem unsolved.

Our language is English yet we expect support people with a slim idea of English, to genuinely help make the product work.

Consumer Affairs need to reign in companies giving us inadequate support from another country. It’s called passing the buck.

Brian Johnson, Gymea