Random Acts of Kindness

Help was heaven sent

I’d like to thank the thoughtful lady who took off after my three-year-old when he decided to run off as I was getting his sister into the pram in Kogarah.

I screamed because I thought he was going to run onto a busy road and this lovely woman set out after him and scooped him up into her arms and brought him back to me. I didn’t catch your name but you’re an angel in my eyes.

Stephanie, Carlton

Hard fall onto concrete

I would like to thank very much a young couple who rushed to my aid Monday, November 27.  

A senior citizen I had walked from the bridge towards the side entrance of McDonald’s at Heathcote when I tripped and fell hard on the concrete. 

I hurt myself in a number of places especially my head.

I couldn’t get up immediately and these lovely people stayed with me, one going inside and getting me a much appreciated glass of water, the other bobbing down to ask how I was and offering to get Panadol.

They kindly stayed with me until I was ready, helped me up and escorted me inside, making sure I was comfortably seated, and assured them my friend would arrive soon.

They were calm and unhurried and I greatly appreciated their assistance.  I hope they both see this.

Marjorie Donellan, Heathcote

Mobility issues

I shop at Woolworths in Caringbah once or twice a week.

It is obvious that I have some mobility issues and invariably some people, young and old, offer their help.

I appreciate very much their concern and kindness but I am obliged to decline because I have a friend at hand who can assist me.

My thanks to them all. And also to George, my friend.

Elio, Taren Point

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