Police warn against leaving cars unlocked after recent thefts

Miranda police are reminding people to lock their cars after a spate of thefts from unlocked cars recently.

Thieves have targeted several areas recently- using the cover of night to break into unlocked cars that have valuables left in plain sight.

Evelyn Street in Sylvania was targeted over the weekend with at least two cars being broken into.

The first car had nothing taken but sunglasses and an ipod were stolen from the second car.

Both may have been unlocked at the time.

Miranda police is urging everyone, particularly tradespeople, to lock and secure their vehicles, ensure all valuable property is removed and to park their vehicles in well-lit areas off the roadway overnight.

They have provided some tips to avoid becoming a victim.

  • Remove the ignition keys and lock your car’s doors and windows.
  • Take everything of value from your car each time you leave it.
  •  Avoid parking in dimly lit or isolated areas.
  • Remove any documents in your vehicle which identify where you live as your home might be the thieves’ next target.
  • Don’t hide any spare keys inside or under your vehicle – thieves’ know where to look.
  • Engrave or mark your valuable power tools with your licence number.