Pool must remain open

The Caringbah Leisure Centre pool.
The Caringbah Leisure Centre pool.

RE the article “Unfair rates gap” (Leader, November 15).

I am upset to hear that Sutherland Shire Council is considering the closure of Caringbah Leisure Centre.

Caringbah Leisure Centre is an essential community service for the eastern end of the Shire and any closure is to be avoided at all costs. 

It is used by Learn to Swim, schools, coaching squads, fitness swimmers, seniors’ exercise groups, the swimming club, divers, families etc.

Council must plan any repairs in a staged manner.  Firstly, the large wading pool is hardly used, so it should be replaced by as wide a 25m pool as will fit in that part of the site, perhaps reconfiguring the adjoining parking area.

Only then should the 50m pool be repaired.  Complete closure of the centre must not happen. There is no need for any indoor facilities in this location - the outdoor 50m pool is all that is required.

The cost of running the leisure centres is often quoted as a reason for raising prices for users and perhaps closing them.  How much money does council make from other community facilities such as parks, playing fields, libraries, beaches etc?  The recent increased cost of heating the pools could have been covered by an approximate increase of just $5 on each annual rates notice.

Please retain Caringbah Leisure Centre as an outdoor 50m pool, with no closure of the complete complex for any reason.

Beryl Stenhouse, Burraneer