Random Acts of Kindness

True spirit of Christmas

My wife and I visit a lovely gentleman who lives in a small hot caravan.

He is a large man with a bad back and multiple other health problems meaning he cannot leave the the caravan and is virtually bed bound 24/7.

I asked my Facebook friends to help us make this a Christmas that Mark would always remember!

We raised enough money to purchase and install an air conditioner and with the money left over Mark was able to pay two weeks rent and is excited about being able to buy himself a bag of prawns and a box of beer for Christmas.

It brought Mark to tears and reminded me the true spirit of Christmas is alive and well.

Thanks to all who brought some joy and relief to Mark. Merry Christmas to all.

Tony Cranney, Bonnet Bay

Weight took its toll

I  would like to thank David and Emily who carried a parcel from JB Hi Fi to my car at Westfield Miranda on Monday, December 4.

I hadn’t realised its weight and would never have managed the considerable walk on my own.

They are a good example of caring young people and I was so appreciative.

Jeanette, Heathcote

Thanks with a ‘full heart’

When I had a tumble at Kingsway Miranda on December 1, two kind gentle men – Peter and Fred with teenager Daniel – came to my rescue.

Peter  stemmed the blood flow while Daniel went to a chemist to get the dressing, then Fred rang the ambulance and stayed with me till it turned up!

I would like to thank those nice gentlemen with a full heart.

They didn’t give me their telephone numbers so I can’t thank them personally for their help!

Also the ambulance ladies and staff at Sutherland Hospital were very kind!

Tina Kuiper

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