Security tips to keep your house safe this festive season

Crime Stoppers is reminding people to take home security into their own hands by installing quality locks this festive season.

Crime Stoppers has partnered with lock experts, Lane Security, and Cammy – an app-based security solutions provider, to prepare the Break-in busters report.

The report surveyed 1,000 Australians on their security practices and beliefs.

The report found 94 per cent of homeowners currently rely on locks as their primary home security measure.

Yet, 35 per cent say they’re not confident in their locks and 32 per cent worry their doors and windows make them an easy target for intruders.

Around 29 per cent of people said they hid valuables in drawers or even the freezer (6 per cent), while others use ‘beware of the dog’ signs (10 per cent), fake surveillance cameras (6 per cent) or fake alarm systems (8 per cent) to trick would-be crooks.

Crime Stoppers NSW Chief Executive Peter Price said the report showed that people remained concerned about their home security.

“Personal safety is the biggest concern for Australians when it comes to home security with almost six out of ten worrying about the safety of their family if an intruder were to break-in,’’ he said.

‘’We know Aussies want to keep their families and property safe, but it seems many people simply don’t know where to start when it comes to security in an internet of things world.

“Internet of things devices that give homeowners the power to self-monitor their property through their smart phone or tablet are changing the game, putting homeowners on the front foot and burglars on the back.

“However, without reliable working locks on doors and windows homeowners are leaving themselves vulnerable.’’  

Lane Security spokesman Dean Beardmore said that upgrading your security does not have to be difficult.

“The best place for homeowners to start when it comes to improving their home security is by upgrading the locks on doors and windows,’’ he said.

‘’A basic deadlock can cost as little as $30 and take as little as ten minutes to replace. 

“We also recommend that locks are replaced every ten years and that regular maintenance is undertaken to keep them in good working order.’’


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