Basketball court and gym added to plans for home on four lots at Greenhills Beach

The dream family home to be built over four blocks of land in the top spot at Greenhills Beach could become even more desirable.

Technology businessman, Ben Richardson, and his wife Inger are seeking to add a below-ground basketball court, gymnasium and plant room, as well as a rooftop pilate space to approved plans.

The basketball court would be built under the swimming pool, with the gymnasium and plant room adjoining, a further development application shows.

The additions would cost nearly $2 million, which would take the cost of the home, including house and land and facilities to about $18 million.

The DA for the extra facilities said the proposal would “not substantially alter that physical appearance or land use intensity” as “the structures will be located almost entirely below finished ground level and will be used exclusively by the residents of the dwelling, i.e. not let out for commercial use”.

“The exception being the pilates space which will occupy a small portion of the approved rooftop terrace,” the DA said. 

“The proposal will enhance the utility and amenity value of the development through provision of additional recreation spaces, and will not result in any adverse environmental impact on neighbours or the locality more broadly,” the DA said.

Construction is yet to start on the property, which enjoys panoramic views across Wanda Reserve to the ocean.

It is located in Shorebird Parade, the dress circle of Shearwater Landing estate, where many other homes are already being built.

The average construction cost of six houses, for which DAs were lodged or approved in the last few months, was $1.2 million.

A proposed two and three storey oceanfront home with pool and gym was to cost $2.05 million to build.

The DA said it would comprise the main living areas, study, guest room and office at the ground floor level, with four bedrooms and family room located at the first floor level above.

“Parking, services, storage, rumpus and a gym will be accommodated for at the lower ground floor level, including partial basement,” the DA said.

“Extensive private open space is provided in accordance with ground floor level and upon balconies and allows for swimming, cooking, dining, entertaining, relaxing and play.

“The dwelling has been designed and oriented to take advantage of the available views as well as solar access.’

Another home, costing $1.72 million, was to be constructed across three levels.

“The lower ground floor level will comprise basement garage, study, bar, amenities and private open space,” the DA said.

“The ground floor level will contain the main living areas as well as study, amenities and extensive private open space including pool and spa.

“The first floor level will contain four bedrooms, living room and balconies.”