Dead seal washed up on Silver Beach at Kurnell

Beach-goers were shocked when the 1.9-metre carcass of an Australian Fur Seal washed up on Silver Beach, Kurnell today.

WIRES volunteer Wayne Reynolds who examined the decomposing body said it was and adult male and had probably been dead for a few days.

“There no obvious signs of injury so I couldn’t tell the cause of death,” Mr Reynolds said. “The teeth weren’t fully worn down so it wasn’t an old animal.

“It came in near baths on the south-eastern side of Silver Beach. It was badly bloated and it was starting to decompose.

“It not unusual to have seals there. There is lot seals around Botany Bay but I don’t think it was one of the locals. It probably died out at sea and washed in with the tide.

“If anybody sees an injured seal on the beach don’t approach or touch them because you don’t know what disease it may have. You have to be wary of dead animals on the beach. Just call ORRCA marine rescue on 9415 3333 or National Parks and Wildlife,” Mr Reynolds said.

The body was taken away by council workers to be buried.

Australian Fur Seals are usually found along the south-eastern Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Bass Strait, although that have been found as far north as mid-coastal New South Wales.

Males, or bulls can grow to over two-metres and weigh 218 to 360kg, and females, or cows, are approximately 1.5 metres long and weigh between 36 to 113kg. 


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