Random Acts of Kindness

Chivalry is not dead!

Recently I decided to purchase 4 rattan chairs for our family Christmas get together which had been advertised on special at a local store for the Saturday only.

I didn’t know if I would succeed in getting them or if I could fit them into my car but I decided to try.

Three lovely gentlemen made it possible. First of all, when I was trying to prise the stacked chairs apart, one young man came to my assistance and extracted four chairs, stacked them and then carried them to the checkout for me.

Once I had the chairs outside the entry doors, I was going to get the only remaining trolley to take them down to my car and another man came to my assistance and obtained the trolley and placed the chairs in it effortlessly and ensured that I went down in the lift.

I was pushing the trolley across the car park to where my car was parked when a third man not only assisted in pushing the trolley along as well as his own but also performed the major feat of getting the four chairs into my car.

My car is not a big one so this took some time with back seats being lowered and quite a bit of manoeuvring to do it. 

Those three men were wonderful and I was so grateful for their very thoughtful kindness. Fortunately, my daughter and granddaughter were able to extricate the chairs.


Concern for kitten

On a recent visit to Spotlight at Rockdale I entered the undercover car park and saw a young man attending to a very small kitten.

The poor little thing was so frightened we had no idea where it had come from.

The young man and his friend had just finished at the gym and were on the way back to their car when they saw the helpless little kitten.

They managed to secure it safely and took to The Sydney Cats and Dogs home. Unfortunately the kitten was quite sick and did not make it.

Good on you boys for being so caring and looking after such a defenseless little creature. 


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